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Akeela Marin
I came into the competition unsure of my purpose in Christ and curious to see what would be required of me if I decided to answer the call. From the very first day of the competition I received advice that caused me to draw closer to God and depend on Him to use me as a vessel for His work. Working alongside the YFC team as they helped nurture my gift even after the competition was over has been a blessing. God has used Talent Search for Christ to draw me closer to Him and to teach me to rely on His Holy Spirit to work through me for the edification of the kingdom of Heaven. For that I am eternally thankful!


Ryan Jagroop
Talent Search for Christ has made me who I am today; it gave me a wider view of God’s plan for my life. I have also made some amazing friends who were all extremely blessed and unique. I came in contact with great men of God and let’s just say the prayer of a righteous man availeth much. It was a fun and exciting time for me, we went around the country ministering to people even as far as Tobago. Talent Search for Christ has played a great role in the development of my talents and it took me to the next level in my Christian life and my ministry onto God.



Zarelle Maillard
I have been dancing as a child since the age of four at Dance as David Danced. I did not know much about ministry or sending a message to the people in dance. All I knew is that it felt great and I loved every moment of it. At the age of 11 I began to realize what it was all about. I knew it was about telling people of how great God is and also about my testimony. Dance as David Danced has been a way for me to express myself for the Lord.


Christy Babwah
I began dancing at Dance as David Dance at 5 years old. There I met people, who eventually became my friends, who loved the Lord, and because of this I was encouraged to keep dancing for Jesus. I have made up my mind to continue dancing for Jesus as long as God will have me. Through the dancing, I have been exposed to so many things that have caused me to have a greater passion to continue to minster through dance. I find joy in praising God especially in dance.





Natasha Candice Simon
There is a great expectancy every year that energizes and excited the believer on Liberation Day. IT is a time of limitless possibilities, breakthrough, healing and the setting free of souls held in bondage by the enemy. I had the privilege to participate in this awesome event for about eight (8) years and the other events that culminate such, which are Dance as David Dances and Praise Power. On Liberation Day we gather together in unity as true soldiers and ambassadors for Christ and we know that “There the Lord commanded the blessing” (PS 133:3b
We “Re-present Christ” declaring that Jesus is Lord when we march through the city. The event climaxes with a grand rally that consists of Prayer, praise and worship and the word of God. Moreover, this solemn assembly is an opportunity to seek the face of God.


Denesia Paul
Liberation Day represents another opportunity for one to praise God. It allows me the opportunity to show Him how much I love Him. It also shows me how young people just like me could praise God and cry out to him freely. After seeing this, my thirst for God increased and I desired to chase after him even more. Every year I leave Liberation Day feeling totally different. I would attend the following year expecting something more and it would always exceeds my expectation. Liberation Day is always a great blessing to me.

Candace Cudjoe
Though I have been striving and thriving in my walk with God, HIS has propelled me spiritually causing me to be more sanctified and more cognizant of the fact that I belong to the most high God. When I came to the first HIS gathering, my faith was weak and close to being non-existent, I was struggling and was on the verge of giving up. However, the first HIS was all I needed to reboot my spiritual system. Since then, I have seen my life transformed drastically. I am a living testimony that HIS can plan great seeds into the life of someone and cause them to bear good fruit.


Joshua Alexander
The only place I could go to feel God’s presence is at the HIS meetings. When I am with all the other youths, it is a tremendous experience: it’s obvious that everyone is serious about their relationship with God. HIS pushed me to further my relationship with the Lord even more. I feel revived every time I attend the meetings. I love Jesus very much and being involved in HIS has taken my relationship with Him to the next level.




Eunice Joseph
I am overjoyed to be part of this initiative because I am a firm believer in Child Evangelism. Camp Glorious is an avenue to sow seeds in the hearts of the children who would not be able to receive the gospel elsewhere. I was humbled at the closing programme when the beginner’s class was asked: “What is Salvation?” A four year old stood up and replied, “Salvation is when you ask Jesus to come into your life.” I fully support the work of Camp Glorious.


Jovan Spencer
I am 13 years old. I attended the Camp Glorious at Edinburgh Government Primary School. My experience in this camp brought me closer to God and gave me a better understanding about our purpose on Earth, Although, I am differently-able, I never felt like that. I was treated very special; I never felt as if I was different. I learnt that Christ is coming soon and no matter how we look or who we are, he’s coming back for his faithful, obedient servants and I am looking forward to meeting my KING.




Sara Doolarsingh
The PK Forum has given me the chance to meet other individuals just like myself. It has also given me the opportunity to understand some additional problems that PK’s face today. This has given me more encouragement to go on, because when you think you have been through a bad situation as a PK there is always someone who has been through something worse.


Renice Paul
The PK Forum has provided an opportunity for me to connect with persons of like mind, character and similar challenges on a daily basis. As a PK we always feel as though it is just us be seeing and hearing some of the experiences of other PKs reassures me that I am not running this race alone. I would encourage any PL to join this group and be part of the revolution because we need to come together more.






Zion Edwards
I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 3 years old. Since attending the prayer network my life has changed a lotr. I have grown in my prayer life and have developed a greater love for prayer and for the Lord. I am blessed to be part of this wonderful ministry and I have realized that children are important to God and that we can be used by God to do his work.


Samuel Dick
As a parent, I feel very happy to have been part of the life changing Children’s prayer event. It was amazing to see the children in action as they reached out to God. It as an extra special experience for me because I was able to experience it with my sons Shane and Shemuel. I thank God through whom all this was possible and who is the source of all good things.






Stephen Julien
The intercessory prayer revival meetings have been a tremendous blessing to me. They have been a great source of encouragement to me. Through these meetings I now have a greater understanding of the importance of intercessory prayer and the effect it can have in churches, communities, nations and even the world. I learnt about the different types of intercession and their importance in building the Church and the birthing of a Powerful Revival. I believe a revival is needed in this time and the first step to achieving this is prayer – not just simple prayer but fire-filled intercessory prayer. I am fired up to pray.


Claudette Francois
I have been attending YFC Prayer Revival meeting from the very first day. What stood out to me the most is the father-like attitude of Pastor Porter as he leads the YFC ministry and also the prayer revival ministry. I am also very impressed with the young people who are part of the team. They are an encouragement to me. These young people are just what this country needs. Also the knowledge that I have gained has been a tremendous blessing. I am expecting to see great things as a result of this meeting. I am looking and I am watching and praying because God answers prayers. Indeed the meeting has enhanced my spiritual live and added many great things to it.


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